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Driving The 750-HP Callaway Corvette Aerowagon Is A Near Death Experience

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“Don’t buy this car because it will kill you.”

Unfortunately for the Corvette C7 Callaway Aerowagon, there are few selling points to the conversion car aside from the outlandish looks that will earn both astonished, amused, and confused looks in traffic. Unless of course you spec it out with the Callaway 757 package, which coaxes 750 horsepower and 777 lb-ft of torque out of the engine, in which case a good driver can use what Matt Farah likens to a "bread wagon" to crush a few egos on the drag strip.

Lucky Farah gets the opportunity to drive the only example of the car in existence on one of his favorite mountain roads where he relays information about the car as he goes. It only takes a single flyby of this oddly shaped 'Vette to realize just how special it is. Much like the Z06, it does try to kill you.

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A single third gear mash proves it, with the wagon pulling so hard that Farah hardly has time to register his velocity. To be fair, not many people would because this Callaway has the ability to change speeds faster than what a human can process, forcing Farah to exclaim, "unless you are a professional racing driver, and I mean a true professional, not just someone who's gone to a few track days, don't buy this car because you are going to die. Lovers of life fear not, with outlandish looks and a steep price, not many people will buy it. Just be sure to skip the plug for coffee at the beginning because as the Aerowagon makes painfully clear, there are better ways to get shot out of bed like Krakatoa.