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Driving The McLaren P1 GTR Will Make You Feel Sick, But You’ll Want To Do It Again

Not that you'll ever get to find out or anything.

The McLaren P1 GTR looks a scary proposition when standstill. So what’s it like to drive? We’d love to find out one day, but British publication Autocar has already enjoyed some time behind the wheel. Was it a pleasurable experience? After performing five laps on a circuit in Qatar quicker than the time it took to write this sentence, the test driver was able to muster just a single word to McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin. He then exited the $2m track toy, had a little bit of sick, and got back in.

At twice the price of a McLaren P1, with 986 horsepower on tap, a dry weight of around 1,400 kg, buckets of downforce and racing slicks, the P1 GTR looks and sounds otherworldly. Given its high exclusivity, it may as well be. Watch the car from another planet in action here.

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