Driving The Most Dangerous Road In The World Is As Terrifying As It Sounds


They don't call this the "cliffhanger" for nothing.

The Sach Pass is one of the most notoriously dangerous roads on the planet. The high-altitude pass is located in Himachal Pradesh at the foot of the Himalayas in northern India, right on the border with Kashmir. Our friend Charan recently went there, and has sent us incredible videos of his latest motorbike adventure: the footage will blow your mind. Having ridden solo for the past six years, on this particular trip he asked a couple of buddies (Ryan and Harbir) to accompany him.

Partly because of the difficulty and danger of the route, but also to help fend of terrorist cells that prevail around the nearby Kashmir valley. To make things even more interesting, Charan told us he decided to tackle the more challenging route that leads to Kishtwar.

Encountering frequent border patrol police, plenty of steep inclines, and the occasional waterfall that narrows and muddies the path, this was a high risk adventure, (the stretch from Killar to Kishtwar is known as the cliffhanger). But also high reward in the form of personal satisfaction for surviving one of the most dangerous road trips in the world.

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