Driving This Audi V8-Powered Toyota MR2 Is Basically Assisted Suicide


Car difficult to control? Then you need even more horsepower.

Obviously, we're just making fun of this car in the title, but the truth is we absolutely love it. It has that kind of charm that only really insane project cars can have, and it has a lot of it. The car is a Mk 1 (1984-1989) Toyota MR2 with a 4.2-liter V8 out of an Audi S8. The horsepower isn't stated, but no matter what, this is a big step up. It has been modified a bit beyond just shoehorning in a massive engine as well, as it was built to be a racer.

So it has a half cage, Cobra racing seats, brakes from a Type 996 Porsche 911 and lots more. The car was built by Paul Woods at Woodsport and has actually been used extensively to showcase the shop's modifying abilities. It is being sold by its owner in the UK who says that he simply doesn't have the time to use it the way its meant to be used. The asking price is £10,995, or about $17,000. That's a lot for a MK 1 MR2, but considering this is one of about five in the world which hasn't completely rusted out, it starts to look better before you even consider the new engine.

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