Driving Your Mojo: These Cars (might) Bring the Ladies


Your best bet: a black F-150

A comprehensive study just published by Insure.com details the way in which women view different types, makes and colors of cars- and the attractiveness of the men that drive them. According to the site's research, women are most drawn to men who drive pickup trucks (32 percent), followed by sports cars (27%) and SUVs (16%). Minivans came in second to last, followed only by mail trucks. Hello, Newman.


When it comes to makes, women rated Ford (16%) as the car driven by the hottest men, followed by Chevrolet (13%) and Porsche (11%). While stereotypes dictate that women buy cars based on color alone, apparently they do choose their men according to the color of their rides: 53% find that good-looking men drive black cars, followed by silver (16%) and red (13%). This makes the winner of the 'sexiest car to drive'- in the eyes of the female beholder, at least- a black Ford F-150. Incidentally, according to the men surveyed, the ideal looking woman would drive a BMW sports car, preferably a red one.

Source Credits: insure.com

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