Driving Your Mojo: These Cars (might) Bring the Ladies

Your best bet: a black F-150

A comprehensive study just published by detailsthe way in which women view different types, makes and colors of cars- and theattractiveness of the men that drive them. According to the site’s research,women are most drawn to men who drive pickup trucks (32 percent), followed by sports cars (27%) and SUVs (16%). Minivans came in second to last, followed only by mail trucks. Hello,Newman.

When it comes to makes, women rated Ford (16%) as the car driven by the hottest men, followed byChevrolet (13%) and Porsche (11%). While stereotypes dictate that women buy cars based on color alone, apparently they do choose their men according to the colorof their rides: 53% find that good-looking men drive black cars, followed bysilver (16%) and red (13%). This makes the winner of the ‘sexiest car to drive’-in the eyes of the female beholder, at least- a black Ford F-150. Incidentally, accordingto the men surveyed, the ideal looking woman would drive a BMW sports car, preferably a red one.

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