Drool Over This Hand-Built Toyota Supra Convertible

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There's more to this drop-top conversion than meets the eye.

While it marks a welcome addition to the sports car market, the all-new 2020 Toyota Supra is, ultimately, little more than a fixed-roof version of the new BMW Z4. The two cars are built side-by-side at a Magna Steyr facility in Austria, both riding on BMW's Cluster Architecture platform, with BMW engines powering the rear wheels. And no manual transmission.

So technically, then, this Mk V Toyota Supra convertible being hand-built by the NATS Nihon Automobile College for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon is more "Toyota" than the production Supra itself, by virtue of the car it's built upon - the second-generation Lexus SC - and of the engine it packs under the hood: Toyota's now-legendary 2JZ inline six.

A90SPIDER via Instagram
A90SPIDER via Instagram
NATS Nihon Automobile College

The car features body panels taken from the new Mk V Supra, plus a widebody kit, so... we guess it's a custom Japanese-built tribute to a largely German-engineered, Austrian-built continuation of a popular Japanese sports car. Or something.

Shoot, we're confused.

Regardless, whether this custom build is more or less "Toyota" than the production 2020 Toyota Supra is immaterial; it's undeniably 100-percent cool. The 2JZ under the hood is turbocharged to a reported 600 horsepower, and the doors open scissor-style, like a Lamborghini Aventador. That's not to mention the paint, which as you can see is a particularly loud, juicy orange similar to the hue worn by character Brian O'Conner's Mk IV Supra in the original Fast & Furious movie.

A90SPIDER via Instagram
A90SPIDER via Instagram

The build appears to have come along nicely, and it's hard not to dig the look of the Mk V Toyota Supra with those big, extended fender flares introduced by the widebody kit. Plus, seeing as the drop-top BMW Z4 rather precludes Toyota from making a production Mk V Supra convertible, this is one of very few new Supra convertibles we're ever likely to see.

The 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon will run from January 10-12.

A90SPIDER via Instagram
A90SPIDER via Instagram

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