DRT: Dragster Explodes at 300 MPH

World champion Antron Brown survives a horrific crash in this week's unusual episode of Drag Race Tuesdays.

2012 drag-racing champion Antron Brown had an incredibly lucky escape during the National Hot Rod Association’s second round of eliminations after his dragster exploded and flipped at 300 mph as he neared the finishing line. Brown lost control of his Matco Tools-sponsored top-fuel dragster while sprinting down the strip in Pomona California. While sitting helpless inside, the dragster threw up a massive fireball when the engine blew before bouncing off a couple of barriers and resting in a sandpit.

The safety canopy that protects the cockpit ensured he came away from the wreckage with just minor injuries. "I am feeling good," Brown said. "I've got some scrapes on my legs, and my back is a little sore, but overall, I feel good."

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