DRT: Tesla Model S vs. Dodge Viper SRT10


Get ready for a new era of drag racing as powerful EVs such as the Tesla Model S take on the world's best supercars.

EV fans are going to love this while traditional gearheads may want to turn away now. As for this week's installment of Drag Race Tuesdays, we see the all-new Tesla Model S go to the line next to a Dodge Viper SRT10 at the Palm Beach International Raceway and destroy it in a quarter mile showdown. The result wasn't even close. As the two crossed the finish line, the Tesla had a best time of 12.371 seconds at 110.84 mph and a 0-60mph sprint time of 3.9 seconds. Impressive.

Because of this performance, the Model S is now officially the world's fastest production EV. The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) was present at the time and has verified these numbers. Up until now, we never knew such an association existed but nonetheless, we're sure that future EVs will soon take on Tesla for this title.

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