Drummer Gets a Custom Jag XKR-S

When you're rock-star rich, you don't just buy a car off the dealership lot. You get an automaker like Jaguar to make one specially for you.

Nicko McBrain may be best known as the drummer from heavy-metal band Iron Maiden. But you may not be aware that he's also a car guy, with a specific taste for Jaguars. Because he's part of a world-famous band that's sold millions of records, McBrain has the money to buy whatever car he likes, and this is what he set his heart on: the Jaguar XKR-S. After first driving the supercharged super-cat at the British automaker's test track, McBrain decided right then and there that he wanted one, but it had to be customized to his tastes.

McBrain asked the Jaguar team to build him an XKR-S with an Ultra-Blue exterior paint job along with a red and black interior complete with Iron Maiden design elements. Even the door sills were given a Nicko McBrain XKR-S engraving while the word "Supercharged", etched into the carbon fiber hood louvers, was written in Iron Maiden-style font.

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