Drunk Driver Crashes Rented Lamborghini Huracan In Police Chase


The supercar was rented in the name of the driver's brother. Someone has some explaining to do.

Another day, another exotic supercar has been needlessly wrecked because of someone’s stupidity. The latest supercar to be mistreated in the hands of an overeager driver trying to show off is a rented Lamborghini Huracan in Edmonds, Washington. Q13 Fox reports that a 23-year old man was spotted speeding in the supercar by police at 11.30 pm. As if he wasn’t already drawing attention to himself, his drunk 20-year old female passenger was hanging out of the window brandishing a beer. Could you be any less conspicuous?

Police attempted to pull the young male driver over, but the Huracan sped off and a chase ensued. The supercar ran through several stop signs while fleeing from police, but it wasn’t long until the inevitable happened. Evidently, inexperience, alcohol, and a 602-horsepower supercar aren’t a good mix. Minutes later, the driver lost control and ploughed into the back of another car, causing significant damage to the supercar’s front-end. Judging from the images, the damage won’t be easily repairable. The entire left-front section has been torn off, and the bumper and hood has been reduced to a mangled mess.

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Nobody was hurt in the crash. The driver was immediately arrested for DUI and attempting to elude a police vehicle. Don’t think the passenger got off lightly either, as she was also charged for being a minor in possession of alcohol. And as if the situation could get any worse for the drunk driver, the Lamborghini was rented under his brother’s name for $1,300 a day. Good luck explaining that one.