Drunk Driver Plows Into 71-Year-Old Car Enthusiast’s House, Lands on His Bed

As you may have guessed, alcohol was involved.

Apart from those with mechaphilia – a condition where people are attracted to machines (no shit, one guy has admitted to sleeping with over 1,000 cars) – even the most hardcore of car enthusiasts would consider having a car in their bed a little creepy. 71-year-old Worcester local Terry Brouillette has a bedroom a true gearhead would be proud of, but the addition of a full-size car joining him in the middle of the night wasn’t something he ever planned on during his 18 years in the apartment.

But for his sleeping position and a wall, the car would have almost certainly landed on top of him. A woman has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, in a surprise to nobody. Brouillette suffered just minor injuries and thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be too much damage to his child-like bedroom.

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