Drunk Drivers Like This One Deserve To Be Shamed

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Why do these things often happen in Florida?

The first clue for Whitney Beall's new followers on social media app Periscope that she's an idiot were her very own words: "I'm so drunk." Beall, 23, from Florida, was arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol after failing a sobriety test and refusing to take a breath test. But before police pulled her over on Tuesday night, Beall placed her smartphone on the dashboard mount, and began live streaming herself on Periscope. She was absolutely plastered. And with that infinite wisdom, started driving.

The video shows Beall all glossy-eyed and saying things like "All the way home, I'm going to be drunk," and "I can't even believe I'm Periscoping right now...I'm not even paying attention to the driving." Other app users quickly intervened and told her to stop driving, while other called the cops, one of whom logged into Periscope and, well, you get the rest.

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