Drunk Guy Gets Fired From Taco Bell After Beating His Uber Driver


And it was all caught on video.

To 32-year-old Benjamin Golden’s defense, he wasn’t just any Taco Bell employee. No, he used to be a senior marketing manager for the fast food chain. He was just fired because he attacked his Uber driver last Friday night in Los Angeles, and it was all caught on video. According to CBS News, Uber driver Edward Caban picked up Golden at around 8pm near Newport Beach and almost immediately the trouble began. Golden was clearly drunk.

He refused to wear a seatbelt and couldn’t even provide clear directions. Pulling into a parking lot, Caban told Golden to get out but he refused at first. Eventually he did but then began punching and slapping Caban.

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He even pulled his hair before Caban, in self-defense, pepper sprayed him in the face. Golden was later arrested but was released after posting bail. He’s been banned from Uber forever. Caban claims he’s done with Uber because he doesn’t feel safe anymore. Taco Bell, in addition to firing Golden, urged him to seek professional help.