Drunk Regular Car Reviews Just Became A Reality

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Mr. Regular was driven to drink when confronted with a Malibu.

In case you've never seen a Regular Car Reviews video before, be aware these contain some NSFW content. In the case of the latest release, it involves a drunken Mr. Regular, the show's host, mixing some bizarre and unsettling descriptions of sex acts with his otherwise insightful take on a very common and simple American vehicle, the Chevy Malibu. The drunken ranting is excusable because he wasn't driving under the influence at any point, and he also has some profound wasted speculation about the people who like this depressing car.

Mr. Regular's experience with the Malibu is obviously less enthralling than his recent review of the Tesla Model S, but his antics in this video make us wish someone would give him more rental cars to review. On a side note, we get to see his face for the first time!


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