Drunk Woman In A Tesla Causes World's Most Ironic Power Outage

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Now nobody can drive an electric car.

The good news is that it turns out the Tesla Model S seems to be a pretty safe car in a crash, something that's difficult to be sure of with a vehicle from such a small manufacturer. The bad news is that it will not keep you from behaving like a complete asshat, as an accident from Murfreesboro, Tennesse demonstrates. The incident was caused by an intoxicated woman crashing her Model S into a utility pole, using her much-celebrated electric car to deprive others of electricity. Oh, the irony.

Police first suspected she might have been drunk when, after asking for her driver's license, she handed it to the firefighter standing next to the police officer who had requested it. She claimed to have been "messing with the radio" at the time of the accident, which might very well have been true, but it in no way meant she wasn't drunk. Despite the crash being violent enough to fell a utility pole, there were no injuries. This serves as a small silver lining for Tesla, which had only sold a handful of copies of the Model S in Tennessee thus far, and is now down one.

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