DS X E-Tense Concept Is A Stunning 1,341-HP EV Supercar Of The Future


This is what the “car of your dreams” will look like in 2035.

Autonomous technology has the potential to change the automotive landscape as we know it. Enthusiasts are dreading the possibility of not having direct control of a car, but some are embracing a future of self-driving cars that will make commuting less of a chore. DS, a sub-division of French automaker Citroen, has attempted to satisfy both camps with the E-Tense Concept, a 1,341-hp EV envisioning what electric supercars will be like in the year 2035. If they’re going to look as breathtakingly beautiful as this, we won’t be complaining.

Designed by a collective of men and women at DS Automobiles, the concept features an innovative asymmetrical layout with each side offering a distinctly different experience. On one side is a speedster-style open cockpit where the driver can operate the car with traditional manual controls. On the other side there’s room for two in a “soothing cocoon” surrounded by glass and a sumptuous mix of leather, wood and metal materials, allowing the driver to sit back and let the car’s autonomous tech take over. Powering the concept is a pair of electric motors. Located in the front wheels, they produce a combined output of 540 horsepower for road use.

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Activate ‘Circuit mode’ on a racetrack, and the concept gives you 1,360 hp to play with. It’s ultra-light thanks to a carbon fiber chassis, and the innovative suspension has been developed by the company’s Formula E racing team. It’s certainly an intriguing concept, even if it wouldn’t be very practical in the real world. Driver visibility would be non-existent on the right side of the car thanks to the enclosed cabin, but the chances of the DS X E-Tense ever becoming a reality are practically zero.