Dual Merc Render: S Convertible and C 'GranCoupe'

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Double-feature re-imagines two brand-new Benz models in hotter forms.

With the Mercedes-Benz C Class Sedan and S Class Coupe both unveiled for the 2015MY, these spanking new models are among the finest offerings in both their respective classes. But with imagination allowing artists to make them all that better, we have two new renderings of these models to show you. The first, by Auto Projecoes, is a C Class-based 4-door coupe that looks ready to take on the new competition from BMW 4-Series GranCoupe.

The second rendering by Glacius Creations takes the flagship S Class coupe which was revealed at last month's Geneva Motor Show and chops off its roof, making one stunning convertible. While the latter is expected to be revealed at some point this year, Mercedes hasn't said anything about a 4-door coupe model for its C Class range, which is already going to include a coupe, convertible and wagon further down the line.

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