Dub Chronicles Rick Ross' Whips


Lambos, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, a few choppers and, of course, a Maybach comprise the American rappers fleet of transportation.

American rapper Rick "The Boss" Ross constantly sings and chronicles his vast array of high-end and high-performance automobiles. DUB Magazine recently visited the rapper in his $1.25 million home in Davie, Florida, to check out some of his rides and they are, as you would expect, extravagant to say the least. Known for his songs "Maybach Music" and "Aston Martin Music," the Mississippi-born man formerly worked as a Correctional Officer in a Florida prison before he took up music.

He even has his own label, conveniently named Maybach Music Group. Bornrich estimates his wealth at $25 million and he certainly knows how to spend his money. DUB says that he owns around 20 cars, while his bike collection is extensive as well. They include a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Maybach and a Lamborghini affectionately known as "Justin Bieber." Why? Because girls scream when they see the Biebs and, when he pulls up, they apparently scream as well. The rest of his fleet features a Bentley GT, Corvette, Murcielago and an Aston Martin, amongst others.

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He also has a tricked-out '78 Thunderbird that he hasn't even driven yet. Love him or hate him, you must admit he has a keen eye for expensive automotives. Check out CarBuzz's favorite MC's rides in the gallery below.