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Dubai Dealer Wants $3.4 for Brand-New Black LaFerrari

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Owner wants more than double what he paid for the car.

Ferrari asked its ultra-exclusive clients to part with $1.69 million for the privilege of owning the LaFerrari. That was before the car was even built. Only 499 units have been earmarked for production – although that now be increased with Marchionne set to take the reins of the Italian carmaker – and given that Maranello won't sell you one (yet), those that missed out have to rely on private dealers. Like this Dubai-based firm that has an unused, Nero-colored LaFerrari for sale priced at a cool $3.4 million.

"Perfect inside and out" says the ad, with the black exterior matched by an all-black cabin. The hypercar is being sold by its original owner having been manufactured this year. So, is this a wise investment? Or should buyers wait for Ferrari to green-light a new batch?

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