Dubai Doesn't Want Poor People on its Roads

Income minimum for car buyers may be introduced to reduce congestion.

In the country that has become synonymous with luxury andsupercar ownership - where police forces are equipped with everything fromBentleys to Bugattis and fire departments have Corvette Stingrays - traffic jams andcongestion have become a major problem in recent years. Aiming to cut down oncar ownership and clear the roads in this bustling emirate, the DirectorGeneral of the Dubai Municipality is planning on introducing some major reformsto limit car-buying.

In addition to raising fuel, parking and insurance prices,the director says that a minimum monthly income may be introduced as acriterion for car ownership. This would mean that those earning below thesuggested minimum would be delegated to public transportation such as taxis, “luxurybuses” or a proposed metro system, clearing the road for those earning enoughto deserve the right to drive. Ferrari and Lamborghini owners will then be able to take full advantage of their cars without the nuisance of Toyotas, Hondas and Kias slowing them down.

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