Dubai Police Finally (Maybe) Put Their Supercars To The Test, Bust 81 Cars For Street Racing


What, did they take down Dominic Toretto or something?

The Dubai police force is known for having some really, really badass cars. However, the majority of its coolest rides exist merely for promotional purposes. But we have to think that at least one of its supercars was involved in a massive takedown of street racers that happened recently. The Dubai police impounded 81 vehicles for the crime of "reckless driving." If that sounds like a harsh punishment, well just wait until you hear how reckless these guys were driving. It wasn't quite hagwalah but it sounds damn close to it.

The cars were driven as high as 186 mph, with the license plates removed to fool police. In another attempt to fool cops, or just to look like total badasses, some of the cars were driven at night without the headlights on. While we don't know what kind of cars were impounded-motorcycles were also taken-we know that they must have been fast if 186 mph was the speed some of them touched. Fast probably means expensive too, which is good as these cars won't be cheap to free from the impound lot. The cost to release a car is $27,000 and for a motorcycle it's $13,000. Vehicles not retrieved within three months can legally be auctioned off.

In our minds this crackdown involved a dramatic chase or two with a Veyron in hot pursuit of a modded GT-R. But in real life what probably happened was a lot different, say cops just towing cars while helpless owners asked officers if they knew who their father was. If the latter is indeed what happened then we hope the cops at least showed up in one of their awesome cars, just to rub these reckless drivers noses in it a bit.

Dubai Police
Dubai Police
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