Dubai's 2,000-HP Nissan Patrols Can Hit 220 MPH

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We've never seen SUVs moving so quickly.

The Patrol SUV, known here as the Nissan Armada, is a pretty big deal in the United Arab Emirates because of its dune-bashing abilities. The love for this SUV is so great that it has even found a niche following in the tuning and drag racing scenes where high-horsepower examples dominate local meets and events. The model shown to us here has been developing a reputation for itself since it first got some screen time in 2017.

Five years later, CB Media on YouTube shows us that this piece of machinery has evolved into a ridiculous 2,400-horsepower monster with power generated from a heavily modified example of the Nissan GT-R's VR38DETT twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6. Since it was first seen destroying a Porsche 918 on The Grand Tour, this SUV has evolved quite a bit. Unfortunately, we don't have official specs but we do get to see the giant cross the half-mile line with a speed of 219.83 mph.

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This custom Patrol was joined by several other highly reworked relatives at the Tilal Swaihan half-mile meet in Dubai. One Patrol owner maintained the 4.8-liter inline-six mill that was available with the car a few years ago but has since been treated to a 2,700-hp upgrade. This is thanks to a twin-turbo setup supported by some other drivetrain reinforcements and a completely stripped-out interior. With all that extra power, it was able to clear the stretch at 221.23 mph.

We're also treated to an odd conversion of the Patrol boasting a truck bed on the rear suspension. There's no indication of how much power it is pushing or what engine sits under the hood but we do get to see that it crosses the line at 193.51 mph. This is a terrifying speed for something with such little ballast on the rear.

CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube

The next Patrol we are shown is a peculiar creation with a full carbon body and a Motec engine management system. Again, there's no indication of what engine it is running but it crosses the half-mile point at 214.59 mph. After this, another black Patrol is given a go at the stretch. It has a rocky start with some loss of stability but the driver maintains composure and finishes at a speed of 203.34 mph.

CB Media shows us that the Tilal Swaihan isn't all about the Patrols. Another interesting creation that made an appearance is a bizarre R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R which has had its RB26DETT replaced with a single-turbo 2JZ-GTE driving only the rear wheels. This crosses the line with a 192.71-mph result. For the sake of comparisons, a fully built R35 GT-R also takes to the event with a monumental speed of 236.22 mph. This proves that you don't really need a supercar to go fast; you just need its engine. Consider us green with envy.

CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube CB Media/YouTube

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