Dubuc Building $30k Sexy Sports Car Kit for North America

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For us in North America, it makes a lot more sense than a Caterham.

If you've ever looked at one of the kit cars offered by Caterham and wished that someone would build something with the North American market in mind, you're now in luck. A Canadian company, known as Dubuc Super Light Car, has just announced they are taking orders for a new lightweight and affordable kit car. Known as the Tomahawk, the car will debut at the Montreal Auto Show, although we do have some preview renderings.

The Montreal show takes place at the same time as the slightly better publicized show in Detroit, so in case you miss that show, we'll tell you about the Tomahawk now. The kit costs just $19,000 and includes everything except the mechanical workings. It is designed to work best with C4 Corvette donor parts, which means you could get yours on the road for about $30,000, although you can use other donor parts if you wish. The car weighs less than 2,000 lbs when completed and will accommodate occupants up to 6'3" and as much as 275 lbs, making it far more accommodating than those dinky little European kit cars.

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