Dude Buys Black Ferrari Enzo, Immediately Puts Down Some Donuts

Is there a better way to christen one’s new hypercar?

Only 399 were made and they retail for the best part of $1.8 million. So you’d imagine those that are lucky enough to own a Ferrari Enzo would be sure to take good care of their investment. Of course, there will also be people that will treat their rare hypercar as a rally toy, but we assume that most will follow this new owner’s suit and set up a professional photo shoot of their beloved ride. An empty warehouse was the setting for this stunning black Enzo to strike some poses with veteran automotive photographer GF WIlliams.

Even though the owner had picked up the keys for the V12-powered berlinetta just two days before, putting down some donuts was deemed an excellent way to break in his purchase. Perhaps he was inspired by the donut-loving Aventador?

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