Dude Hails a Cab After His Insane Crash Into A Gas Station

Probably not the best way to pull in for a filler up. A fun game can be to guess what drug this winner is on.

Hollywood generally tries to tell us that cars crashing into gas pumps will result in giant explosions. The following video shows us that, as with so many other cases, Hollywood’s grasp of physics is shaky at best. But that doesn’t mean that the crash isn’t massive, and that just makes it that much weirder when the driver climbs out and hails a taxi to get away. We’re guessing he probably didn’t get away with it, and the chances that he wasn’t under the influence of something are slim.

You don’t have to watch the video all the way to the end, as it’s just the same footage repeating. But it is certainly crazy enough to merit multiple viewings.

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