Dude Wrecks Aventador, Boss Buys 2 More

If rich kids crashing supercars and not caring makes you mad, we've got the story for you.

Companies that rent out supercars are no strangers to wrecks. Handing over the keys to someone with little to no supercar experience can often result in tragedy, but that’s not actually what happened here. The wreck seen in these pictures is a Lamborghini Aventador belonging to a rental company with the unspeakably lame name “Platinum Executive Travel”. The car was crashed by an employee of the service, making it an odd thing to publicize.

Everybody involved is fine, and the reason for the accident was apparently the torrential rain London has recently faced. The owner of PET Rental jumped right on Facebook to announce that the car was being fixed and that he had already bought two more Aventadors to replace it, seizing the opportunity of the accident to brag. This owner, known to himself as “Lord Aleem” (not a real Lord, by the way, that title is of his own choosing), does a lot of this, and his Facebook page is full of Instagram-filtered pictures of him showing off his money. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

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