Dude's Car Seized By Cops Just 30 Seconds After He Bought It

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Gone in 30 seconds.

Being handed the keys to your new car is a special moment, but a lack of common sense ruined that moment for this new car owner. We've seen owners wreck their cars after a few minutes or hours after taking delivery. One owner wrecked their McLaren Senna just a few hours after delivery.

More recently, the driver of a Mini John Cooper Works GP managed to crash it after just 14 miles. But this unfortunate man lost his car in an entirely different way after their car was impounded by police just seconds after he bought it.

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After buying a new Renault Megane, which shares the same platform as America's Nissan Sentra, the man lost control as soon as he drove off the dealer lot and nearly hit a nearby police car head-on. If that wasn't already embarrassing enough, his day was about to get a whole lot worse.

After being stopped by police, a quick check revealed the man didn't have any insurance. Consequently, his new Megane was impounded by police less than a minute after he bought it. Total time of ownership: 30 seconds. You would think he would have driven more carefully without any insurance cover to reduce the chance of having an accident.


"This vehicle almost has a head-on with our motor," Northamptonshire Police said on Twitter. "The driver then told officers he brought the car 30 seconds ago and for once this was actually true. Unfortunately took his chances not insuring it. And well you all know what happens next..#Seized."

To reduce the number of road casualties, Northamptonshire Police is running a road safety campaign called Operation Journey. Their research suggests that driving without insurance is the number one most common driving offense. Since the program was launched in October, 64 vehicles with no insurance were seized by Northamptonshire police. A further 19 cars owned by drivers without a license were also impounded.


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