Dumb Luck Is This Guy Who Found An Abandoned BMW E30 M3 In The Woods


Not your typical method of car shopping.

For anyone who pays attention to these types of things, the BMW E30 M3 has been steadily increasing in value over the past few years. "God's Chariot" is becoming quite the collector's item. Many BMW enthusiasts are willing to throw down serious cash to get one in decent shape, but this guy found his E30 M3 by mistake. As the owner of an E46 M3, he was attending a weekly BMW gathering in Fairfax, Virginia. A group of teenagers later came by to check out his car and he even offered to take them for a spin.

That's when one of them began talking about an abandoned M3 he knew of parked on a foreclosed property in the woods. Since he didn't have the money to restore it himself, the teen figured another M3 enthusiast deserved to know of the car's existence. The next day the guy and a friend went on a journey to find that E30. It was where the kid said it'd be, but there were some issues. Despite a nearly flawless body, the paint was trashed and the interior, in his words, "was full of shit." Question remained, however, regarding the identity of the owner. A quick search of the empty house found a tax record in a drawer. However, a Car Fax report provided more details.

Long story short, the guy finally tracked down the owner and, low and behold he also happened to be the original owner. He drove the E30 for several years but later blew the engine. Repairing it became an issue and it ended up in its current location. The owner was more than willing to sell, especially to someone who plans to fully restore it. And the sale price? $2,500. Not bad at all for someone who took a few young BMW fans for a quick cruise. Look what it got him.

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