Watch This Guy Drive His M3 Off A Cliff

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On-board footage of ultra-careless driving will guarantee insurance company gives driver nothing but the middle finger.

BMW built the M3 to be a high-performance daily driver. It's aimed squarely at buyers that want a driver's car. And presumably at those that know how to drive. Unfortunately BMW can't choose their customers. Case in point: the unnamed YouTube uploader CarbahnM3 that claims his M3 "died doing what it was engineered and built to do." Let's not mince our words here. This innocent E46 BMW M3 didn't simply die. It was killed. By crossing the double yellow lines and overpowering the car into a corner, the M3 was manslaughtered.

No car is "engineered" or "built" to withstand such moronic driving, as the in-car footage of the M3 plowing straight off the cliff aptly demonstrates. If you think speeding on public roads is cool, hopefully this video will serve as a reminder to the contrary.

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