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Dump Truck Driver Destroys Freeway Sign In Crazy Crash

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How did they not realize they were driving with the truck bed raised up?

We're absolutely baffled how this dopey dump truck driver didn't realize they were driving with the truck bed left raised up. Either that, or they thought they could drive it on the freeway with the bed sticking up without incident. Which would be ridiculous, since freeways contain obstructions like bridges and overhead signs. This was an accident waiting to happen - it wasn't a matter of if, but when. Two guys in a passing pickup tried to warn the oblivious driver of their predicament, frantically honking the horn and gesturing them to lower the bed.

But as they continue filming, the inevitable happens. Crazy amateur footage originally shared on Facebook, which at the time of writing has racked up over 23 million views, shows the spectacular accident unfold as the raised truck bed destroys an overhead freeway sign, causing the dump truck to flip onto its side, littering the freeway with debris.

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According to ABC13 Houston, the crash happened on a Houston highway. The driver's condition is unknown, and it took crews several hours to clear up the mess. Frankly, it's miraculous that other road users didn't get caught up in the carnage. What's also baffling is how closely the driver recording the incident followed the dump truck, even though it was obvious what was about to happen. They even seem surprised as the highway sign comes crashing down in front of them. If we knew an accident of that scale was about to happen, we would want to be as far away as possible. Maybe they just wanted to get a good shot of the accident for Facebook.