Dutch 1979 Honda Civic Has K20A2 Engine From Acura RSX Type S Under the Hood

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Now slightly faster than stock.

The Honda Civic in 1979 was a very different car than it is now. As has been said any number of times before, the Fit is what the Civic was. That means it was once a very small and very light car, but also one which didn't offer much in the way of power. This car, which was evidently built in Florida but found its way to the Netherlands, started out as a normal econo-box grocery getter, but then had a K20A2 engine from an Acura RSX Type S stuck under the hood.

The engine was also used in the European Civic Type R, which makes it slightly more fitting, and this particular one has been modestly upgraded to produce 260 horsepower. That might not sound like a lot, but in a car that weighs barely more than 1,000 lbs, we're talking Lotus-like power-to-weight. The car is also for sale, priced €15,900 ($19,445), and it would be worth the outlay just to have those awesome old-school Honda wing mirrors. While it's always difficult to determine the value of a heavily modified car like this, it certainly doesn't sound expensive for something so awesome.

Source Credits: www.autoscout24.eu

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