Dutch Cop Cars Can't Handle a Pontiac Firebird


And it's because those cops were driving VW wagons and hatchbacks.

Some local Dutch police had a problem recently, and it wasn’t because they weren’t good law enforcement officers. No, the problem was with their cars as they attempted to chase down a guy having a little too much fun in a classic Pontiac Firebird. Exact circumstances on how the whole chase got started is a bit unclear, but the Firebird driver was clearly asking for trouble. And some Dutch cops responded – in a Volkswagen Polo, Touran and Jetta Wagon.

Holland’s finest, after chasing the Firebird, were running out of options in an effort to get the guy to finally pull over and surrender.

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But they didn’t give up. Instead, they managed to sandwich the Firebird between their cars. They just smashed into the guy. All of the cars involved were obviously damaged and the Firebird driver was reportedly carted off to jail and is now awaiting charges. When the local cops are driving nothing but VW wagons and hatchbacks, it’s no shocker that some people don’t feel the slightest bit intimidated. Maybe cops are only taken seriously when they drive cars like Ford Crown Vics, Dodge Chargers, and Chevy Caprices. Perhaps even more so with a One-77, an Aventador or a Brabus-tuned G-Wagon.

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