Soleil Anadi

Dutch Designers Reveal Limited Run Soleil Anadi

Ugur Sahin Design, a Dutch industrial design house, has officially revealed their new coupe/concept that's based on their previous Z03 Concept in 2007. The Anadi has many Corvette styling cues, such as its forward raked and blacked out rump, sculptured flanks, and an aggressive nose. The first Corvette that came to our mind was the Stingray, regarding the Anadi's main inspiration.

After making its first public display at this year's Top Marques Show in Monaco, a limited production run will likely begin. As of now, there's no indication regarding price, engine, or any other features (let alone interior shots). For now, all we have are these exterior shots. Hopefully we'll be getting some photos from Monaco shortly, so we'll keep everyone posted.

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