Dutch Start-Up Vencer Unveil New Sarthe Supercar


Brand new sports car will be entering very limited production run in the near future.

The number of Dutch car builders is on the rise, and chief among the latest start-ups is Vencer, established in 2010 by Robert Cobben. Their first offering to the supercar world is the Sarthe - an exclusive hand-built two-seater sports car. A hybrid space frame chassis forms the basis of the car made from high-grade tubular steel and chrome-moly tubing. The floor is made of an aluminum honeycombe structure, while the body panels are made from carbon-fiber ensuring the car weighs just 1,390kg.

In their own words, inspiration for the design comes from Le Mans sports cars from the Eighties, although from the front it has a distinct look of the 458 Italia about it and at the back there are styling cues from the Corvette. A mid-mounted V8 produces 503hp and 480lb-ft of torque, with power sent to the 20-inch rear wheels (19-inch up front) via a six-speed manual transmission and limited slip differential. 0-62mph is quoted at 3.8 seconds and top speed at 202mph. The supercar comes with a double wishbone suspension and anti-roll bar, with the only electronic assistance coming from ABS and EBD.

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A modern hand-stitched interior boasts leather sports seats, a generous LCD screen, climate control and in-car entertainment. Production will be very limited and interested parties should make contact with Vencer directly for pricing details.