Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Has Just Joined This Automaker As Its Celebrity Spokesman


And the 10,000 cool points go to...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just made Ford the coolest automaker on the planet. Johnson was just announced as the spokesman for Ford Service. Yes, the automaker's service department needed a celebrity to endorse it. Either that or it just had a ton of cash lying around. Either way, The Rock is now the new leader of "The Specialists," aka the grease monkeys who work at Ford dealerships. The partnership isn't just about money, though.

Okay, it's probably a lot about money but Johnson reportedly loves Fords. The Rock took to Instagram to announce he was taking his talents to Ford and gave some background on his love affair with the automaker. It turns out his first car was a blue 1977 Thunderbird that he bought for $40 when he was 15. He currently owns three Ford trucks, making it clear the love has lasted. The campaign will feature commercials, radio ads and social media content, which is good because you can never get enough of The Rock. Ever.

Source Credits: instagram.com

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