Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Wants You To Go To A Ford Dealership


When the Rock tells you what to do, you listen.

Having a brand ambassador to promote your company can be extremely beneficial. People love seeing what celebrities like to drive, and the celebs themselves often benefit in the form of a free car. Still, in order for a celebrity sponsorship to really work, consumers have to get the feeling the car is actually something the celebrity might drive. Sorry Kia, but you aren't fooling anyone with LeBron James. However, this latest commercial for Ford Service featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as brand ambassador seems legit.

The ad is focused on the Ford service department. Johnson talks about how well the cars are developed and built, and how Ford has the best people to service the vehicles. The ad seems like a great way to make people come into the dealership rather than go somewhere else.

The Rock is an incredible action star, and Ford must be thrilled to have him as their spokesperson. The commercial would be less believable if it was something like a Mini which The Rock couldn't even fit inside of. Just like The Rock, Fords are "Built Tough."

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