Dwayne Wade Gives Son First Driving Lesson In Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

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And the dad of the year award goes to...

Imagine if your very first driving experience was behind the wheel of a V12-powered Ferrari. Most cars would feel pretty inadequate after that. For this 16-year-old learner, that's unlikely to be an issue as his dad, basketball star Dwayne Wade, will make sure his son only gets to sample the best of the best. That's if this first lesson is anything to go by. The trusting father threw his son into the very deep end by giving him his first taste of driving behind the wheel of a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. What a legend.

While this might be the most practical of Ferrari's current offerings, it still packs a 680-horsepower 6.3-liter V12 and can reach a top speed comfortably in excess of 200 mph.

It must have been tempting for the teenager to floor the supercar and reach 60 mph for the first time in a little over three seconds. But he's clearly worthy of his dad's trust, taking it easy and even managing to park the car up with dad out of the car. The obligatory carpool karaoke session takes place, presumably after Wade junior becomes a bit more confident, and we have absolutely no doubt that he will be on his dad's case every day to have more lessons in the $300,000 learner car.

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