Dwayne Wade Wants $800k for McLaren 12C Because He's Famous

More worrying is that someone will probably pay it.

When D-Wade turned 30, exotic car dealership ‘The Collection’ gave him a one-off Firefly Black McLaren 12C. It also gave the Miami Heat guard a red 12C Spider last year, which is perhaps why the coupe has been put up for sale. Described as “1 of 1 in the world,” the 12C has some special ‘Wade Limited Edition’ badges and has also been signed by the NBA legend. That’s it. There is nothing else different about the British supercar, yet it carries a sales price of $799,000 – over $500k more than a new model off the showroom floor.

Will someone be crazy enough to pay the asking price? Almost certainly. In other news, here's a regular 12C spitting out blue flames in London.

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