Dyno Test Fail: Camaro Tires Explode

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Before it met its destruction at the 2013 Texas Mile, this 200mph + Camaro had an explosive dyno test.

We all love a good dyno test but it's even better when something blows up, such as last week's Mustang debacle. Such was the case with the world's fastest Camaro, a highly modified twin-turbo F-body model that's good for 2,800 horsepower. If anyone recalls, this is the same car by KP Racing that became the world's fastest Camaro in the standing mile at the 2012 Texas Mile. It attempted to repeat that feat again this year but something went wrong and it crashed when going more than 200 mph.

Its driver survived but the car was completely destroyed. The following video was made nearly two years ago but only now has it been posted online. The Camaro was testing before its first Texas Mile attempt when its tires blew up when going about 200 mph.

We've also included the video from 2012 when the Camaro set the standing mile record at 253 mph. Today, the car is nothing more than a pile of twisted metal.

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