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e-AUTO is adding to their impressive range with a crossover concept.

e-AUTO has announced that its newest concept vehicle, the e-mobility will make its way to Frankfurt for debut at Germany's premier auto show. The new hybrid prototype will sit on e-AUTO's platform that already pins down the rest of their 'e-mobiles' range. CEO Andrey Biryukov has confirmed that it will debut next month and that the new concept will look "totally unexpected from a design standpoint." The car was created to combine both the idea of 'e-mobility' with the body of a crossover.

You can make out the body shape a bit from the teasers, although they do a good job of hiding some of the intricate design lines. The 'e-mobiles' will be offered with either single-fuel or dual-fuel. Single-fuel dictates that the vehicle will only run on gasoline, while dual-fuel means that it can run on either gasoline or natural gas. e-AUTO has already shown off their hatchback, SUV and van prototypes last December in Moscow. The crossover concept is set to debut next month at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show. The cars are expected to hit shelves in late 2013 or early 2014.

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