e-Auto Teases New yo-Crossover Concept


Russian automaker e-Auto is planning quite a show at Frankfurt, as their new yo-Crossover will be making its official debut.

Russian automaker e-Auto has just revealed a set of teaser shots of its new yo-Crossover concept that'll have its premiere at the Frankfurt Auto Show. We can already clearly see from these images that the concept is different from previous e-Auto concepts in the sense that its styling is more conventional, which is an indication that it's heading for production in the near future. Unlike the previous concept we reported on just a few days ago, this latest one is significantly toned down styling-wise.

That previous hybrid concept, which featured some nifty sliding doors, will also be displayed at Frankfurt, but we're willing to bet this latest concept's styling is more likely to make it to the production model. It's also clear that e-Auto wants to draw our attention to the yo-Crossover's heavy dose of LEDs up front, but no other details have been given. A full reveal is just days away from Frankfurt.

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