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E30 M3 Love Story Brings Gearhead Tears to the Eyes

The owner of this BMW E30 M3 first laid eyes on it while in school and a few years ago he finally bought it.

On paper it may seem like a simple four-cylinder car, but the BMW E30 M3 has become much more than that. Since its 1985 debut, the E30 M3 has become a legend not only among BMW fans, but also for those who dream of owning a piece of driving purity. For Gabor Mester, the only M3 he’s ever wanted is the E30 that was once owned by family friends. Since laying eyes on it years ago while he was still in high school, Mester just knew then and there that it had to be his one day.

And now he’s the owner of that E30 M3 for the past seven years. It’s a love affair between man and machine that's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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