E36 BMW M3 Engine Gets Stuffed Into An E30 M3 Body

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Vilner builds the ultimate Christmas present for M3 fans.

Bulgaria-based aftermarket tuner Vilner figured it'd just go for it. Sure, some purists won't be happy, but why should that stop an idea as wonderfully brilliant as this one. Vilner started with a 1990 BMW E30 M3 Evo and removed its engine. In its place is a 3.2-liter straight-six from an E36 M3, good for 321 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Oh, and it'll rev to 9,000 rpm and weighs only 2,645 pounds. Merry Christmas.

It maintains its rear-wheel-drive setup and five-speed manual transmission, while suspension components come from KW. The E30 M3 Evo body, painted in Imola Red II, is all-original, with the exception of the carbon fiber bumper.

It rides on a set of 18-inch BBS RK wheels, and features tinted Hella lights with wipers and unique taillights as well. Vilner specifically adds that "every part of (the) project is here because it should be, not because 'that would do.'" The Vilner boss said that "The philosophy here was the same one followed by Singer Vehicle Design – 'Everything is important.' from the materials used, through the configuration and final finish."

The interior is also stunningly beautiful thanks to Sparco bucket seats decked out in checked cloth. This material is also used for the door trims, glove box lid, head lining, gear shifter gaiter, and sun visors.

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The fabric is not only robust and comfortable but helps keep your bum cool in the summer, as opposed to skin-burning leather. There is, however, a leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel. Wear driving gloves.

Vilner wanted the cabin, which also includes a roll cage, sports harnesses, and metal floor panels, to be a mix of racing and street. Those floor panels, by the way, read "Race Shoes Only". Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Pricing was not announced but it sure sounds like this is a one-off build, at least for now.

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