E85 Challenger Hellcat Drops Almost 900 Horsepower On The Dyno

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Corn-powered muscle car coming to a drag strip near you.

SeriousHP Horsepower Performance has built a Challenger Hellcat that is sure to give drag strips everywhere nightmares. It bumped up its rear-wheel horsepower to 753 and its total horsepower (at the crank) to 886. How did this happen? An E85 conversion kicked things off and was joined by an ECU remap, new fuel pump, driveshaft and fuel injectors. According to SeriousHP Horsepower Performance the only thing that stood in the way of adding more power was the transmission.

So, upgrade the transmission and you'll be able to wring even more power from the Hellcat. Is there anyone out there who really thought 707 horses would be enough?

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