E89 BMW Z4 Gets a 3D Design

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Japanese tuner 3D Designs has teamed up with American tuner WheelSTO to bring the E89 BMW Z4 to the North American market. Despite the recent tragedies in Japan, tuning firms and automakers alike have done everything in their powers to restore the country and once again reinvent the wheel, so to speak. And that's exactly what the hard working folks at Japanese tuning firm 3D Designs have done.

They have released their latest take on the E89 Z4 model as a way to let everyone know they are not dwelling on the past, but instead looking ahead to build a much brighter future. There is even a positive and moving statement inscribed above the driver's side window that reads "Don't give up, Tohoku". 3D Designs joined forces with several major players in the US and Germany to help give the E89 Z4 a new look. BBS lent its signature Motorsport wheels, taken directly from the M3 GT4 program while tires were contributed by Yokohama (front tires) and Advan Sport tires (rear).

KW lent a hand with its Variant 3 suspension for a smoother ride and better handling on those uphill road slopes and sharp turns, while Dinan provided a camber plate that blended in perfectly with the BBS wheels. The exhaust system was hand- built by Eisenmann's technicians that gives the Z4 a sound matching its aggressive exterior. The E89 Z4 will eventually receive a brake upgrade from Brembo, an upgraded turbo kit from ESS tuning and a gauge package from Stack, not to mention 3D Design's own aero package fitted in carbon fiber.

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