Eager LaFerrari Buyers Are Paying Double the Price

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When limited to just 499 examples, what do you expect?

Buying a LaFerrari wasn't a simple thing to do. One literally had to be offered the chance by Ferrari itself to make the $1.7 million purchase. In other words, you had to have a solid history of being a loyal Ferrari customer. Limited to just 499 units, the LaFerrari still remains a hot ticket item among people who can spend without worrying about a thing. It's so hot that those who couldn't buy one directly from Ferrari are now reportedly willing to pay double.

According to a report coming from Motoring Research, there are some who are now shelling out around $3.4 million for the chance to have a LaFerrari added to their collection. Or some may simply want one for investment purposes. Whatever the case, the hypercar is already proving its high value. To compare the LaFerrari to competitors such as the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, Oracle Finance says that the P1 is currently demanding a $500k premium over the sticker price. The 918 has a $335k premium.

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