Eagle Low Drag GT: The Car of Your Dreams

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Perhaps this is the ultimate restored Jaguar E-Type.

Picture the classic and iconic Jaguar E-Type, then go a few steps further in your mind and imagine it being completely restored to another level that made it lightweight and incorporated modern technologies. That car is the Eagle E-Type Speedster. Try not to drool. And now that same company has revealed the Eagle Low Drag GT. The original E-Type "Low Drag Coupes" were designed for aerodynamic efficiency and, of course, speed. It follows the same restoration philosophy as the Speedster yet offers even better performance.

Its body is made entirely from aluminum and it's been streamlined and widened. The floor pan has been lowered and the wheelbase has been extended for better interior comfort. That slick and sexy body is painted Mercury and further augmented by Satin chrome bright work. Power comes from an all-aluminum 4.7-liter inline-six featuring fuel-injection. It produces 346 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque. All told, the Speedster weighs just 2,288 lbs and makes the sprint to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Top speed is in excess of 170 mph. Production, obviously, is limited and each one costs more than £600,000. It's worth every penny.

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