Early 2019 BMW 3 Series Models Will Miss A Few Key Options


BMW needs to cut back complexity as part of a production ramp up.

We've known for a while now that the next-generation US-spec 3 Series would be sourced from BMW's Mexican factory. Although many buyers do not care where their car is built, President Donald Trump wanted BMW to build the new 3 Series in the US - alas, Trump did not get his way and the 3 Series will be built in Mexico.

Now that the latest 3 Series (codenamed the G20) has been revealed, BMW is currently ramping up production. In order to satisfy what will likely be a high demand for the all-new 3 Series, BMW has had to scale back on a few options at its Mexican plant.


According to a BMW Client Advisor in New Hampshire via Bimmerpost, early cars built in the Mexico plant will lack the availability for certain options.

"April and May orders will be the first ones built in the new MX plant and BMW will be restricting certain content as part of the production ramp up. So with that said here is what you can't have on that first batch: Luxury Package, M-Sport Package, power tailgate, rear seat heating, Glacier Silver Metallic paint, Mineral White Metallic paint, and Mediterranean Blue Metallic paint," Jay P said.


This news isn't so bad if your goal was to keep the 3 Series close to its base price of $41,195. The Luxury and M-Sport Packages typically add thousands to the 3 Series' price, so budget-minded customers may not miss them. Of course, these options will eventually become available on Mexican-built 3 Series models but are being excluded initially to help BMW keep up with production demand. It appears as though German-built 3 Series models won't have these same restrictions, so it may still be possible to get an early allocation for the 3 Series with these options.


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