Early LaFerrari Concepts Displayed

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Currently on display at its official museum, Ferrari reveals a pair of early LaFerrari design concepts.

Throughout its development, we saw many camouflaged prototypes of LaFerrari out testing on or around Ferrari's official proving grounds in Maranello, Italy. But what was really kept top secret was the car's styling. Now that it's been fully revealed, Ferrari has put on display two early full-scale design mock-ups of its latest and perhaps greatest model to date. Filmed by Marchettino, the first video shows a concept called Tensostruttura while the second shows a more advanced version called Manta.

Both were produced roughly two years ago and it's clear by looking at them that Ferrari ultimately opted to tone down some of their more radical styling elements, namely the front-end design, for the production version.

However, the large side vents, side mirrors and overall profile remained in place for the final design. See how the shape evolved from concept to production in the video clips.

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