Early Tesla Model 3 Depositors Are Flipping Build Slots For Up To $10k


Hey, it's just business.

We're all aware of Tesla's production issues regarding its highly anticipated Model 3. While those are still being worked out for what's likely to be a make or break year for the EV automaker, it has come to our attention that some early Model 3 depositors are flipping their build slots for as much as $10,000. The news comes from Autocar, who noticed that some online auction sites are now hosting the bidding. Remember, early Model 3 depositors, assuming they're not Tesla employees, will be among the first to be able to place their orders.

It was sort of a first come, first served basis. Given the long wait for a custom-spec Model 3 for anyone who didn't throw down $1,000 early on, those build slots are suddenly worth some serious cash. What's unusual about this situation is the fact that "flipping" is typically done with far more expensive supercars and supercar build slots. The Tesla Model 3, by contrast, carries a base price of around $35,000, before tax breaks. Because of the Model 3's affordability, attractive styling inside and out, as well as Tesla's overall popularity, this EV has so far generated a wait list of 450,000 buyers and growing. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised Model 3 production will be up and running to full capacity early next year, but many still doubt this assertion.

Musk has made grand promises before, only for there to be even more delays, such as the case with Model X SUV launch. It's this production output uncertainty that's partially causing the build slot price increases. It'll be interesting to see whether anyone actually shells out up to ten times the price of what that build slot originally cost.


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